Energy and Environment

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Class Test

  1. Question and Answer-key to problems.

Study Materials

  1. Global Energy Transition: A Regional and Environmental Perspectives - T.K. Das & T.Banerjee.
  2. Energy from Green Biomass - J. Dutta.
  3. Green Energy - A.Varma & B. Behera.
  4. Energy Resources (Conventional and non-Conventional) - B.S. Koteswara.
  5. Handbook of Energy and Environment - B.P. Banerjee.
  6. Energy Security, Climate Change & Sustainable Development - J.Mathur and H.J.Wagner.
  7. Energy and Climate in the Urban Built Environment, M.Santamouris.
  8. An Introduction to Environmental Energy Resources - S.R. Manjunatha.


  1. General Overview: Sun As a Source of Energy, Solar Radiation & its Spectral Characteristics, Conventional & Nonconventional Energy Sources, Fossil Fuels - Classification, Composition, Physico-Chemical Characteristics & Energy Content of Coal, Petroleum & Natural Gas.

  2. Nuclear Energy: Fission & Fusion, Bioenergy - Energy from Biomass & Biogas, Anaerobic Digestion.

  3. Non-Conventional Energy: Principles of Generation of Solar, Hydropower, Wind, Geothermal & Ocean Energy, Solar Collectors, Solar Pond, Photo-voltaic, Energy Use Pattern in Different Parts or World and in India.

  4. Energy Management: Energy Consumption, Energy Conservation, Increased Efficiency & Cogeneration, Energy Policy, Management of Nuclear Energy Wastes, Research & Development on Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation Policy.

  5. Environmental Implication of Energy Use: Green-house Gas Emission, Global Warming.

  6. Energy Security and Energy Budget of the Earth.


  1. Earth Wind & Water Currents: Earth's atmosphere from Modern-Era Retrospective Analysis for Research and Applications (MERRA) computer model.
  2. Wave Interference Computer Simulation: solution of Korteweg–de Vries equation for Shallow Water Wave using numerical mathematics (finite difference method) in MATLAB.
  3. Example problems of Radioactive decay demonstrating usage of Radioactive dating.
  4. Power generated from different sources are usually stored in Grid energy storage. Please read about different energy storage.
  5. Have a look at FoaLab to know about theoretical/computational/experimental approach to Earth Science.