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Present Courses

Previous Courses

  1. Physics Honours (UG)
    1. Paper VI (Unit II) (Solid State Physics I) [This course introduces Condensed Matter Physics. After briefing on Crystal/amorphous structure and X-ray diffraction, the course unfolds into crystal bonding, Free-electron theory and concludes with Band theory of solids.] (2017-19)

    2. Paper IIA (Unit I) (Thermal Physics I) [This course introduces Equilibrium & Non-equilibrium theory of Heat. Topics include assumptions of Kinetic Theory, distribution laws, Brownian Motion and transport coefficients, Non-ideal gases, Heat conduction and Blackbody radiation.] (2017)

    3. Paper IVA (Unit I) (Thermal Physics II) [This course introduces Thermodynamics, starting from 0th, 1st, 2nd and 3rd law, Maxwell relations and potentials, Phase Equilibria.] (2018-19)

    4. Paper VIIIB (Computer Laboratory) [This course introduces "Numerical Mathematics" in high-level language C. It includes basics of coding and performing arithmatic operations, solving algebraic equations in different geometry, root-finding, sorting and statistics calculation, matrix operations, playing with primes, iterative solvers, interpolation and integration methods.] (2017-19)

  2. Physics General (UG)
    1. Paper IB (Waves and Oscillations) [This course discusses on the physics of Waves and Vibrations, starting from SHM and superposition, damped and forced SHM, Wave equation in different geometry and Doppler effect.] (2017)

    2. Paper IVA (Communications) [This course discusses on principle of Communications. It motivates the subject by introducing propagation of EM wave, transmission of such waves through media, modulation and demodulation.] (2017-2018)

    3. Paper IVB (Computer Laboratory) [This courses teaches Numerical Mathematics in C. It includes basic coding and performing arithmatic operations, solving algebraic equations on different geometry, finding roots, sorting, series solution and matrix operations]. (2017-2019)

  3. Environmental Sciences (Semester II) ENVC 24 (Energy and Environment) (PG) [The course introduces energy scales and their relative implications on the environment. After introducing the basics of conventional/non-conventional energy sources, the course unfolds into energy management/policies and energy security of Earth.] (2018)

  4. IIT-B Engineering Physics student A. Shetty did his Summer Research with me at IISc Bangalore (2016).
  5. Bilingual tutor in the course Classical Field Theory given by Prof. Thomas Voigtmann at the University of Konstanz (2013).
  6. M.Sc. student Martin Everts did his ausarbeitung (Master's Thesis) in Flüssigkristalle (Liquid Crystal) with me in the course Materie und Ordnung at the University of Konstanz (2012).