Computer Laboratory

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  • Lecture 1. [Basics of Computer]
  • Lecture 2. [Area/Volume, Roots of Quadratic equation]
  • Lecture 3. [Bubble soring and Mean,Median,Mode]
  • Lecture 4. [Arithmetic and Geometric Progression]
  • Lecture 5. [Matrix Addition and Multiplication]


Study Materials

  • C programming language - Kerninghan and Ritchie.
  • Computer Oriented Numerical Methods - V. Rajaraman.
  • Computational Physics - D.Walker.


  • Language: To familiarise with the hardware and the operating system and to solve simple problems by programming in C as per the syllabus.
    • Computer hardware: basic building blocks, central processing units, memory, hard disc, RAM. ROM, CD-ROM, DVD, pen drive, memory units: bits and bytes, input-output devices.
    • Computer software: Operating system, Windows, Unix/Linux
    • Programmingin C: basic structure, character set, keywords, identifiers, constants, variables, type declaration, operators --- arithmetic, rational, logical, assignment, increment, increment and decrement, operator precedence and associativity, arithmetic expression, evaluation and type conversion character I/O, escape sequence and formatted I/O, branching and looping, if, if-else, while, do-while, for, arrays (one and two dimensional).
  • Numerical analysis:
    • Sorting: arranging in ascending/descending order.
    • Read N numbers ,find their mean, median, mode.
    • Sum of a G.P. series term by term.
    • Solution of a quadratic equation with real / complex roots.
    • Simple matrix operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication).
  • To use database package and word processor.


  • Download DevC++ from here.