Holography & Nonlinear Optics

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Numerical Problems


  1. Will Be Updated From Time to Time.


  1. Holography: Principle of Holography. Recording and Reconstruction Method. Theory of Holography between two plane waves. Point source holograms.
  2. Introductory Nonlinear Optics: Origin of nonlinearity, susceptibility tensor, phase matching, second harmonic generation, Sum frequency generation, Difference frequency generation, Sum and Difference Frequency generation, for second-order nonlinear optical medium. Nonlinear susceptibility of a classical anharmonic oscillator in case of noncentrosymmetric medium.

Study Materials

  1. Introduction to Modern Optics - G. Fowles.
  2. Optics - E. Hecht & A. Ganesan.
  3. Nonlinear Optics - R. Boyd.